64th Annual Carnival in Aruba

Aruba just celebrated it's 64th Annual Carnival, and it was filled with everything you expect from Carnival. Costumed dancers, Parties, Music and Frivolity. After all, it is the biggest celebration of the year for this and many other Caribbean Islands.

During this extravagant month-long festival, there were countless and lively “jump-ups” (street parties), six spectacular parades, and activities galore. Each year, thousands of vacationers plan their annual trips to Aruba around this exciting event. Some come for all the fun parties and festivities that lead up to the start of the Christian celebration of Lent. Others come to witness the spectacular array of costumed dancers, and some even participate as dancers.

It's not uncommon during Carnival month, to happen upon unscheduled parties on various beaches around the Island. Don't be shy, join in on the fun! There you will enjoy a mix of music to get you dancing! You are bound to hear music in the style of Reggae, Calypso, Soca and steel pan music. Whatever your preferred type of music, don't worry, there is bound to be a rhythm that gets your hips moving.

Throughout the various parades, which take place both at night and during the day, you will be treated to live bands, (Including the Dutch Marine band), and a seemingly endless parade of flamboyantly costumed dancers. These Carnival dancers are seriously tough folks. Most of the women, and even some of the male dancers, walk for miles wearing not just these heavily adorned costumes, but also high heeled shoes. And, it's all done in the typical 83 degree heat, with the exception of the night time Lighting Parades where its much cooler, around 79 degrees.

Carnival in Aruba officially comes to end on the Sunday evening before the start of Lent. After that, the Island shuts down for an official holiday of rest. If you have never witnessed Carnival in Aruba, I highly recommend that you add it to your bucket list items. You will see and participate in so much fun and excitement that you will certainly enjoy memories of Aruba Carnival for many years to come!

Lizzie McKay is an avid traveler with a special Love for Aruba. She loves exploring new places and trying out new things, and sharing those adventures with you. She writes articles and takes photographs for All Around Aruba website and is a contributing writer for various blogs.

She is available for writing assignments throughout Aruba. Contact her here for more Information. Click to Contact

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