Beat the Winter Blues...Head south to Aruba

Traveling south in the winter has become a tradition of many vacationers. When you have had enough and are simply tired of cold, rainy, or snowy conditions, and crave a little sunshine, Aruba is the ideal destination to point your compass.

Like its sister islands of Bonaire and Curaçao (known as the ABC Islands) All three of these islands are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. However, Aruba is autonomous and self-governing, but does still rely on the Netherlands for it’s national defense and it’s international interests. The Island itself has some very defined characteristics. It is heavily swayed in its design and architecture by its Dutch roots. The pastel colors of the Dutch colonial style buildings, contrast with and the brilliant turquoise color of the sea surrounding Aruba in the most beautiful way.

Of course, heading to Aruba in winter has many advantages. First and foremost, the weather is almost ALWAYS nice. The average temperature in Aruba is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect temperature to head to when escaping the miserable cold. Aruba also boasts the most sunny days of all the islands in the Caribbean, and is outside of the hurricane belt.

The beaches in Aruba are pretty tough to beat. In fact, Eagle Beach is currently listed as the number 3 Best Beach in the World, 2017, by Trip Advisor. Aruba also has a variety of types of beaches as well, from silky white sand, to black pebbles, there is a beach for everyones style. So when you are making up your mind as to where you will go on vacation this year, my recommendation is definitely Aruba.

Lizzie McKay is an avid traveler with a special Love for Aruba. She loves exploring new places and trying out new things, and sharing those adventures with you. She writes articles and takes photographs for All Around Aruba website and is a contributing writer for various blogs.

She is available for writing assignments throughout Aruba. Contact her here for more Information.

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