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Adventuring to Aruba is amazing, but one thing is certain when traveling, Our normal routines often get completely thrown out the window when traveling. 


Many travelers end up experiencing some of these:


  • Workout routines can fall by the wayside,

  • Diet's tend to get forgotten in lieu of "being on vacation mode",

  • Sleep tends to be negatively affected,

  • Drop in energy levels,

  • Weight gain.


We are on Vacation and sometimes we forget to take care of our bodies because we think we can't maintain our fitness and nutrition goals. The good news is that while in Aruba, you can enjoy the beautiful destination and STILL keep up with your existing Fitness and Nutrition routines.  Simply choose to keep fit by visiting one of these modern, state of the art facilities.  


Whether you are looking for high-energy spin classes, weight-lifting, or perhaps some Yoga, Aruba has an excellent selection of options to keep your fitness on track.  Each of these facilities conveniently offers 7-day passes to serve your fitness needs while in Aruba.  Don't let "vacation mode" ruin all the hard work you have put into your health.  Place yourself in the hands of qualified trainers and teachers that reside on the Island, and maintain your fitness goals. 


Nutrition is another factor that tends to be forgotten.  No more excuses though as there are plenty of delicious and nutritious restaurants that can fill your belly with healthy goodness!


Click on the Links below for more details!

FlyFit Studio
Island Yoga
Pura Vita Kitchen
Nourish Cafe
Eduardo's Beach Shack
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