Arikok National Park


Aruba's Arikok National Park is a not to be missed point of interest.  Throughout this vast and rugged landscape you will find a beauty that is unrivaled, and an almost another worldly feel.  From the many different wildlife that makes this Park their home to the jaw-dropping scenery to the unique archeological sites, the Arikok National Park will not disappoint. There is so much to explore and enjoy that you are sure to add in an extra day of exploring to take it all in.


Some of the most popular attractions within the park are:


Boca Prins:  Located along the north-coast, Boca Prins is home to the sand dunes. 


Conchi or Natural Pool: Just a bit northwest of Dos Playa along the coast, a barrier of large rocks protects a pool of water from the rough sea to form the Natural Pool, or Conchi. This Thi

Cunucu Arikok:  A traditional style Aruba home at the base of Arikok Hill.


Daimari Beach:  Daimari Beach is located near the site of the original gold discovery in Aruba.  There is a historic 17th-century coconut plantation and the historic Daimari Ranch located just a short distance inland from the beach. 


Dos Playa:  Dos Playa means two beaches


Fontein Cave:   Fontein Cave is most famous for the ancient Indian drawings that are found on the walls and ceilings of the Fontein cave. 


Gold Mine:


Guadirikiri Cave:  This cave is famous for the heavenly natural light that pours down through openings in the cave ceiling.  It is popular with wedding and fashion photographers for the dramatic lighting.


Hofi Fontein:  Located near the Fontein Cave you will find the Hofi Fontein. Discover more of the Colonial Aruba life in the museum. 


Visitors Center:  The parks Visitor’s Center is an excellent place to begin your adventures.  Here you can obtain a park map, entrance to the park and ask questions of the very friendly and knowledgeable staff.